NPPA vents over NFL ban on local television crews

On Monday, the National Press Photographers Association published a report expressing the organization’s frustration over a recent NFL ruling which bans local television crews and their cameras from the sidelines of NFL game during gameplay. Here is part of NPPAs report:

DURHAM, NC (April 10, 2006) – The president of the National Press Photographers Association has sent a letter to National Football League commissioner Paul Tagliabue, as well as to the 32 NFL team owners and each team’s public relations director, expressing NPPA’s “extreme disappointment” in the NFL owners’ recent unanimous vote to ban local affiliate television photojournalists from sidelines during games.

“We believe this decision is extremely short-sighted,” Alicia Wagner Calzada wrote on behalf of NPPA. “We call for the NFL and the league’s individual teams to reverse this destructive decision. We further propose that you work with industry groups like NPPA to create a solution that balances the needs and concerns of the NFL with the needs of the local media to properly cover your teams.”

The NFL’s 32 team owners voted during their spring meeting in Orlando, FL, at the end of March to adopt a new policy that removes local television affiliates from the sidelines of all NFL games. Television photojournalists from local stations in the NFL teams’ area will no longer be allowed to shoot from the sidelines during the game, preventing them from capturing game action images to show on news and highlight shows. Their vote on the Broadcast Cooperation Resolution came as a complete surprise to television news directors and sports producers at affiliate television stations in NFL cities, who were unaware that the NFL was even considering such action.

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