February 2006 Winners

(4-4-2006) – February results in the 2006 WNPA clip contest have been announced. Check them out below:

Feature- single.
1st. Mark Hoffman
2nd. Mark Hoffman
3rd. Dan Lassiter
HM. Dan Lassiter
HM. Bruce Halmo

Spot News.
1st. Ron Kuenstler
2nd. Bruce Halmo
No third or HM’s.

1st. Corey Wilson
2nd. B.A. Rupert
3rd. Dan Powers

General News.
1st. Dan Lassiter
2nd. Steve Kinderman
3rd. Corey Wilson
HM. Steve Kinderman
HM. Mark Hoffman

1st. John Maniaci
2nd. H. Marc Larson
3rd. Mark Hoffman
HM. John Maniaci
HM. Mark Hoffman

Feature Multipal
1st. Bruce Halmo
2nd. Mark Hoffman
3rd. Mark Hoffman
HM. Corey Wilson

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