2005 POY – A missing category?

NPPA has it. So does POYi. But conspicuously absent from this year’s WNPA contest is a Natural Disaster category.

The NPPA said they added two new topical Natural Disaster categories in order to recognize what they call the great coverage of hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters in 2005.

With a number of Wisconsin photojournalists covering natural disasters throughout the United States and the impact they have had on the people in-state, it may led to the conclusion that this year’s WNPA contest is could be a minimum of one category short.

After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, two categories were added to that year’s contest: 9/11 general news and 9/11 spot news. Although only one contest entrant saw the events of that day unfold before them, five different photojournalists representing two different publications earned awards for their coverage.

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