Update from the Star-Tribune

(1.10.2006) They are really busy, but after some pestering, I was able to find out how David Joles and wife Elizabeth Flores were doing with their new jobs/life in Minnesota. Here’s an update :

Minneapolis versus Milwaukee. In many ways they are similar. Many great photographers and reporters at both papers.

The main difference I’ve noticed is in editing and overall philosphy on photojournalism. At the Star-Tribune great emphasis is placed on pictures. Often times assignments are discussed in great detail before, during and after shoots.

If you are working on a story and have very strong photos but could perhaps strengthen some aspect of the story you are expected to go back out and work it harder. And it is edited along the way, not just at the end.

Word editors often advocate for photography. The Sunday editor, a guy who worked at the Washington Post for many years, is a good example. If you come up with a story idea he will take into consideration the visual potential.

I have overheard him tell another editor or photographer that the pictures will drive
the story and that the words don’t need to exceed 15 or 20 inches. Granted that is not always the case. In general though I believe journalists at the Star Tribune realize the power of photos and know that in this increasingly visual world the survival of newspapers depends on powerful photography.

While things in general are going well here we very much miss our colleagues at the Journal Sentinel and photographers around the state. Wisconsin is a great state to work in, with many great people. We felt lucky to have worked in Eau Claire and in Milwaukee for almost 15 years.

Please greet everyone for us.


David and Liz

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