Trapped cat causes stir in Eau Claire

An area homeowner accidentally drywalled their cat in during a home remodeling project. Shane Opatz took a photo showing the hole they had to cut to extract the cat.

Here’s the photo:

Here’s how the story begins:

There’s something to that saying about cats and nine lives — and Jany Chumas’ pet is proof.

A crew remodeling the Eau Claire woman’s basement accidentally trapped her cat behind drywall as the workers were finishing off a room.

Mary Poppins is “the sweetest little thing but quite shy,” Chumas said, so she thought the missing cat had run away. The more time that passed, the more worried she became. Suspecting the cat may have been stuck somewhere, she and her daughter decided to search the basement.

“I called her — ‘Here, kitty, kitty’ — and I could hear this faint, weak meow coming from behind the walls where they had just drywalled on Monday (Jan. 2),” said Chumas, 67.

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