Repairs Afield

It was about two years ago when I got my full fledged credentials as a fixer.

During a Badger men’s basketball game a student who had traveled hundreds of miles to cover it ran into a problem. Her camera body was shooting blank black frames about 99% of the time and she had no idea what to do. No one had an extra body for her to use.

Before she could give up on being able to shoot the game I offered my assistance.

With little hesitation I grabbed her camera, took the lens off and inspected it briefly remembering the wisdom on repairs of this nature handed down from Al Hoch during my internship at The Janesville Gazette.

I reached into my pocket, produced my apartment key, jammed it into the lens mount of her camera and bent the aperature lever back to spec.

The look on her face while I undertook this courtside repair was a priceless combination of shock and horror. The body was school property and she was clearly not qualified to authorize a repair, especially one of this nature.

The end result was that her camera worked for the entire game without a single additional blank frame.

It is in the spirit of this and other instances of snatching photojournalistic victory from the hands of defeat that I launch the Survivial Afield Category.

It is my hope that this portion of the blog can be a forum to discuss the less than everyday problems with equipment that we all face from the simple fix to an undertaking that would make MacGyver envious.

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